Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Nebraskan's Oliver Tonkin: a soccer fanatic fed up with FIFA's blind eye to deadly worker exploitation and homophobia

In an op-ed piece published today, Tonkin wrote:
     The governing body of international soccer and the World Cup, FIFA, is headed by the untimely reticent Sepp Blatter. He does an admirable job of feigning concern for the world when the media points it out to him. When Nepalese and Indian workers complete the $100 billion-plus of infrastructure to ready Qatar for the World Cup, up to 4,000 workers will have died. Thus far, 44 Nepalese workers have died in construction sites during this summer and we’ve got nine years to go.
     What about Russia? Well, that’s a bit less insufferable. However Russia, which draws its wisdom from tender remembrances of the Soviet legacy, has banned gay athletes from participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Further, they have prohibited Swedes from adopting Russian children, because of the possibility that some of the adoptive parents may be gay. Russia’s absurd anti-gay campaign is confounding and unethical. If I spend my money on something, I’m not going to support a fascist regime that oppresses human beings.

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