Monday, October 21, 2013

AntiLGBT protest proffers more proof France isn't remotely like the U.S.

Hommen is a group of antiLGBT French male exhibitionists who like to protest.
     Recently they visited the offices of Femen to yell chants at them and to throw brassieres at the windows.
     Femen is a Ukrainian group of feminist exhibitionists who protest in favor of women's and LGBT rights.
     Naturally, where there are exhibitionists, there is video, here discovered by @Str8grandmother and posted on JMG.
     Only in France are political protests built around a Mardi Gras / West Side Story theme, except that no beads were thrown, although some may or may not have been read. We don't know. We only speak high school French.

Les Hommen vs les Femen by actuclip

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