Friday, September 13, 2013

Short takes: world's richest DJs, YouTube halts CBN attempt to hide Pat Robertson's newest gaffe, tyranny of the NPR clock, attempts to revive 'Monsanto Protection Act'

This video playfully threatening to boycot HBO for its one-side depiction of nudity probably shouldn't be watched at work

Google rebuffs Christian Broadcasting Network's attempt to force all YouTube accounts to remove Pat Robertson's "gay AIDS ring" slander; rules Right Wing Watch's repost is indeed fair comment

Here's a pie chart of how the All Things Considered broadcast is organized. The tyranny of the broadcasting clock!

Vladimir Putin hates the Stoli vodka company a lot more than gay people who are boycotting the company because of... what... guilt by association?

Forbes says Jersey Shore's Pauly D made 13 MILLION dollars last year as a DJ

The ACLU is disturbed by the proliferation of automatic license plate readers which aren't just in cop cars, but on streets and even — as AKSARBENT noticed the other day, on the way to Council Bluffs, on bridges

The usual suspects in Congress are still trying to sneak through the Monsanto Protection Act, which would allow the company's genetically modified crops to be planted even if a federal court rules approval violated the law and while court-mandated further analysis is made

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