Friday, September 27, 2013

Short takes: Col. Gaddafi evidently raped men too; Brazilian president blasts U.S. at UN; what Linux inventor said when U.S. spymasters came calling

Parody: Vlad Putin submits another op-ed piece to the New York Times — on "modern love"

Days after Pope Francis' Jesuit PR offensive saying Church was too obsessed with gays, the Vatican excommunicated Aussie priest who supported gay marriage; document was written in Latin and gave no explanation. The Vatican has never excommunicated Adolf Hitler

What W. H. Auden can do for you

How Linus Torvalds got a big laugh from his audience when he was asked if the U.S. "approached" him to insert a spying backdoor into Linux

Little kid's exuberant romp with a weasel (scroll down to the youtube video)

Nine alarming things in your meat that are now in you 

Most of Libya's Col. Gaddafi rapes were against women — except for the male guards, male soldiers and male ministers

NSA provokes Brazilian anger at U.S. for tapping president's phone calls; her scathing UN blast just before Obama speech

Campaign to ban Russian politicians who support antiLGBT "propaganda" law from entering Canada

100 organizations will rally in D.C. October 26 against mass surveillance

Ex-Bradlee Dean employee, from Omaha, quits, calls antiLGBT rights activist a "crook" and his ministry a "cultic sham"

Can gays and lesbians be excluded from juries on account of their sexual orientation?

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