Monday, September 30, 2013

San Francisco's Nebraska bar: Final Final

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We at AKSARBENT were aware that Doug Simmons, an Omaha boy, wrote for and then edited New York's (and the nation's) premiere alternative weekly, the Village Voice, but were not aware that its San Francisco counterpart was also directly tied to Nebraska.
     Bruce Brugmann, an NU alumnus who was sports editor of the Rag (Daily Nebraskan) and is now editor-at-large of the [San Francisco] Bay Guardian, which he cofounded with his wife, Jean Dibble, reminisced recently in his blog about NU football before Devaney and Osborne, and then introduced his readers to the Nebraska hangout in San Francisco, Final Final (yes, it's a sports bar) across from the Presidio.
The bar is real Nebraska. It is owned by Arnie Prien, who comes from Lyons, Nebraska, and graduated from the university in 1964.  He has been running Final Final for the past 36 years and loyally broadcasts Nebraska football games every Saturday on his premier giant screen.
     Although the post did not mention gay sports fans (gays are assumed to be part of everything in San Francisco, so no need) the ensuing comments immediately focused on whether or not college sports are sexist and homophobic, whether gays should be sheeple beholden to sports hegemony in America, whether gays return the bonhomie of sports-minded straights, etc., etc., ad nauseum.
     We remember reading a long time ago that whenever two cars crashed in Rome (a not uncommon occurrence) the scene immediately became a shouting match between drivers, and soon, of opposing groups of Christian Democrats and Communists.
     The comments to Brugmann's piece reminded us of that. Below, a sample. (Disclaimer: AKSARBENT thinks that paragraph 1 is a generalization and doesn't quite buy the "nonwhite" premise, doesn't know if graf 2 is true or not, but totally agrees with 3, 4 and 5.)
The most bigoted groups are often subgroups of minorities.
     Blacks and hispanics hate each other, but reserve special venom for asians for proving that being non-whites isn't a disadvantage.
     In the transgender community, the M2F postops look down on the M2F preops, and refuse to share the same bathroom with them.
     Progressives routinely splinter into factions that hate each other more than they hate conservatives.
     And in gay bars, the femme guys who hate sports evidently look down on the butch guys who like sports.
     The idea that San Francisco is tolerant is a myth. San Francisco is tribal and you hate anyone not in your tribe.
 Hey, if you can't get to Rome, try Baghdad by the Bay!

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