Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now that Johnny Weird isn't going to the Olympics, can you please take him off my TV?

Here's a timeline of Johnny Weir's recent mendacity:
  • 9/1/2013: Deadline for registering for Nationals to qualify for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics passes without Johnny Weir registering
  • 9/11/2013 to Keith Olbermann: While this is a beautiful thing for fans over the world that want to see the Olympics live and for the athletes like myself who are hoping to compete there...
  • 9/16/2013: Johnny Weir tells Queerty "If I'm lucky enough to qualify for the Olympics, I will bring the usual Johnny Weir."
And an excerpt from John Aravosis' disgusted dissection of Weir's on-air pronouncements
     Then, just when you thought Johnny Weir couldn’t be a greater idiot than he’s already proven himself repeatedly to be, Weir actually has the audacity to claim that situation gays face in Russia is the same one he faces in New Jersey, because New Jersey doesn’t recognize his marriage.
     Johnny, the day anti-gay vigilantes kidnap you, beat you, torture you, force you to drink urine, and the American government ignores the crime because they just don’t like the fact that you’re gay, then we’ll talk about the equivalence between Russia’s horrific treatment of its gay and trans populace and the fact that Governor Christie can’t decide whether he thinks you should be able to get married.

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