Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lee Terry, Adrian Smith voted to slash food stamps benefits by $40 billion for the next 10 years

Nebraska Congressmen Adrian Smith and Lee Terry have voted to strip $40 billion from the food stamp program for the next 10 years. Here's a show-and-tell before the vote by Democrat Jackie Speier, which is relevant because Adrian Smith was one of the congressmen invited to the Ireland junket that she mentioned.
     Of course we won't know how expensively Adrian Smith was wined and dined until he submits a travel disclosure form for the trip, assuming he went.
     Odd that the food stamp threat to the federal budget seems to loom larger for Terry and Smith than the $70 billion in taxes that Apple (to name just one company) avoided because of corporate tax loopholes advanced by the GOP, which Reps Terry and Smith have done little-to-nothing to close.

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