Friday, September 20, 2013

Hellbeast homophobe Mel Gibson probably won't like this Braveheart parody clip

Via JoeMyGod comes Buzzfeed's Copyranter posting of this promotional ad for Queer Lisboa, an LGBT film festival.

     Related: Gibson was born in Peekskill, NY. His nutcase, reactionary dad, who has a genius IQ, was the 1968 Jeopardy! Grand Champion who, after receiving $145,000 in a railroad work injury settlement, moved his family first to Ireland, then Australia in large part to keep his sons out of Vietnam. Other famous Peekskill natives: Stanley Tucci and Paul (Peewee Herman) Reubens.
     Aside: Even though he can be kind of a dick, AKSARBENT likes Russell Crowe much better than Mel Gibson, just because he made "The Sum of Us" (see hilarious clip below) and because he's a better actor, though neither is talented enough to even approach Heath Ledger territory.

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