Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guido Barilla posts video apology

The Advocate notes that the Italian pasta company (with a huge plant in Ames, Iowa) talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk:
An American LGBT rights group called on the company to show it is serious about an apology by including sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy for employees. Freedom to Work points out that the current policy prohibits discrimination based on race and religion, but not sexual orientation or gender identity.
Said John Aravosis, snarkily:
It’s difficult to watch the video, and Barilla’s near comatose delivery, without thinking of Patty Hearst.
     AKSARBENT was thinking along the same lines earlier today, when it imagined that the best way for Barilla to put out the boycott fires all over the globe would be for the family-owned company to replace Guido with one of his (presumably less homophobic and sexist) brothers and have the new CEO make the apology for his stupido brother, who, to demonstrate the company's sincerity, would be visible in the background, lashed to a chair with duct tape over his mouth.
     But then, this is probably why we have never worked in public relations.

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