Monday, September 23, 2013

America's billionaire: New York Times columnist Maureen Down goes to Georgetown University to hear the Oracle of Omaha

Well, maybe heterosexual America's billionaire. At any rate, listening to the quote-friendly Warren Buffett talk is always an easy gig for a columnist. Here's some of what Maureen Dowd thought was worth repeating in her latest column:
  • He even joked that he had fond thoughts of 1929 because it was when he was conceived: “my dad was a stock salesman and after the crash he didn’t have anything to do.
  • But then, about five years ago, Buffett said at Georgetown, he and Gates began plotting about philanthropy and now they have enrolled 115 plutocrats pledging a majority of their net worth. “I’ve been dialing for dollars,” he said, adding that when billionaires resist, he gives them a warning: “If I’m talking to some 70-year-old, I say, ‘Do you really think your decision-making ability is going to be better when you’re 95 with some blonde on your lap, or now?’ ”
  • “I always tell people, if they’re going in the investment business and you’ve got a 160 I.Q., sell 30 points to somebody else because you won’t need it.”
    [Dowd]Or sell some to the House Republicans.

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