Friday, August 23, 2013

Russian authorities discover their LGBT propaganda law is a world-wide image problem that a $300 million TV propaganda network, Russia Today, can't fix

How Sochi officials will break gay "propaganda" law each time they play U.S. national anthem during a medal ceremony;
Sovietsky Sport on 2013 IAAF win of Russian women's 4x400 relay team over U.S. team: 'our fair-skinned girls massively beat the black-skinned ones'

Russian LGBT journalist Masha Gessen told All In host Chris Hayes the following on MSNBC last night:
“As long as the pressure is on, it’s not going to make them reconsider those [existing] laws. But it will possibly make them dial back the campaign of hate, and it can prevent the passage of further laws, including the law on removing children from same-sex families.”

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