Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Russia Today network tells taxi company carrying guest critical of its Russian LGBT coverage to leave him on the highway en route to Stockholm airport

Josh Vorhees reports in Slate (excerpt below) that journalist James Kirchick, went rogue during taping of a program on Russia Today, and instead of talking about the sentencing of Bradley Manning, he hijacked the segment to take RT to task for ignoring the plight of LGBTs in Russia.
     Zack Ford at ThinkProgress has a list of ways RT contributors have spun Russia's war on LGBTs.

The video largely speaks for itself, but two quick points: 1) Setting the topic of Kirchick's remarks aside for one second, any network control room would have likely made the same decision to cut off a guest once it became clear he was hijacking the segment (others, however, might not have gone as far as to allegedly try to cancel his taxi ride that followed mid-trip to the airport). And, 2) RT hasn't technically ignored Russia's anti-gay law. It's more an issue of how they've chosen to cover it, as the AtlanticWire pointed out earlier today. A small sampling of RT headlines will give you an idea of the pro-Kremlin tilt on display: "Russian Jews outraged after Stephen Fry compared gay propaganda ban to Nazi Germany"; "Russia's 'gay propaganda' law causes outrage abroad but finds support at home"; and "Anti-gay law controversy ‘invented by media’ – Russia’s sports minister."

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