Thursday, July 25, 2013

#NyetRussianVodka gets traction as gay bars start a Putin pushback

From the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, which advocates for LGBT rights
in Eastern Europe, comes a horrifying report:  
The perfectly constructed hashtag, coined by twitter user Str8grand­mother, is now a clearinghouse for twitter info about boycotting Russian Vodka to show disapproval of scapegoating of gay Russians and increasingly frequent violence against them.
      Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB thug, diamond thief and current leader of the mafia state that describes Russia today, has concocted, with the help of fellow connivers in the Russian Orthodox Church, draconian laws against gay Russians and foreigners which criminalize both the existence of gay people and the speech of straights who would defend them.
     (RT, the English language Russian news product which sharply criticizes homophobia in the USA, has said little about the savage targeting of gay Russians under cover of state-sponsored, church-encouraged antigay policies and laws.)
     Stolichnaya Vodka is a $2 billion company owned by one of the 100 richest men in Russia and probably doesn't deserve to be boycotted, as it has been supportive of gay alcoholism customers, will be the first target of those withholding their dollars, euros, francs, etc. from Russian businesses.
     Nothing personal, Stolichnaya. Don't be any more offended than those gay Russians being maimed by skinheads encouraged by Putin and his religious allies looking for distractions from the consequences of their wretched, corrupt governance.

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