Thursday, July 25, 2013

NSA surveillance: Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry, Adrian Smith, Steve King and Tom Latham approve continu­ation of massive NSA spying on your phone calls

Every GOP congressman in Nebraska and Iowa sold out your privacy to the constitutionally dubious NSA dragnet and every Democratic congressman (Loebsack and Braley of Iowa) voted to defend the privacy of law-abiding citizens from relentless government snooping.
     In a Thursday morning print edition story about the vote, the Omaha World-Herald did not tell its readers in Nebraska and Iowa how their representatives voted on the issue.
    That roll call, in the U.S. House last night, after an hour of debate, was 205 in favor and 217 against an amendment by Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash to a $598.3 billion appropriation to fund the Pentagon in 2014. It would have cancelled the statutory authority for the NSA program which collects and stores telephone records and calling locations of everyone in the United States, under the USA Patriot Act, unless it identified an individual under investigation.
     Rep Mick Mulvaney, (R-S.C.) remarked, about the supposed "balance" between civil liberties and national security: "Right now the balancing is being done by people we do not know. People who lied to this body."
     The lying reference was to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who admitted that he gave misleading statements to Congress on how much the U.S. spies on its citizens. He apologized earlier this month, after outrageously claiming in March that the U.S. does not gather data on its citizens, a spectacularly shameless and pugnacious whopper.
     For that alone, AKSARBENT thinks he should be in a cell beside Bradley Manning. Certainly he is not fit to be Director of National Intelligence.

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