Thursday, July 4, 2013

Canadian sues police for $900,000 for stealing nude photos of him and passing them around to other cops

Matthew Waltenberry called 911 in February 2011 to get help
for a suicidal woman at his home. He waited outside while
Knox and other officers went in. “I trusted them in my home.
They went in the back of my sock drawer and stole 12 photos.”
A former resident of Kitchener, Ont., has sued  Waterloo Regional Police and three officers for $900,000, alleging that one of them stole nude photos of him from his home, rephotographed them with his personal phone, and then distributed them to at least six other officers on a Blackberry messenger group.
     "Did he do it to humiliate me?" an emotional Waltenberry said at a news conference Wednesday held in front of a Kitchener police detachment.
     "I found out he had a wife and kids. So was it a secret sexual thing and these six other officers were involved?"
     The lawsuit also alleges that Const. Jeff Vongkhamphou tried to destroy evidence by removing the photographs from Christopher Knox's police locker and putting them in the garbage.
     Knox admitted in court last May before his September resignation that he stole a dildo from a woman's home that had been broken into, photographed it on a sergeant's cruiser, and sent naked photos of a woman he found on a seized cellphone to his friends.
     What AKSARBENT has learned from this sorry episode: It's always the sock drawer!

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