Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OPPD, owner of sulfur-spewing, coal-fired North Omaha power plant, denies that Omaha's air is as crummy as the Clean Air Task Force says it is

A pristine, utterly smokeless photo of the
North Omaha Station on OPPD's web site
Talking like someone who learned rhetoric at the knee of a tobacco company lawyer, OPPD spokesman Mike Jones told a more-than-attentive Nebraska Watchdog that “The health issues and costs cited have not been positively linked to the North Omaha Station.”
     Jones blamed cars for health problems in North Omaha cited by the Clean Air Task Force. Also, he blamed diet, smoking and indoor air quality.
     AKSARBENT is surprised that suspiciously smoky North Omaha barbecue sauce wasn't fingered too.
     Below: a non-OPPD photograph of the same smokestacks.

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