Friday, June 14, 2013

ABC's Brian Ross: Ed Snowden took four laptops full of NSA secrets with him to Hong Kong; more disclosures coming

Guess Gen. Keith Alexander's hugely expensive NSA fiefdom isn't as airtight as it used to be... J. Edgar Hoover is undoubtedly NOT amused.
     AKSARBENT is guessing that now would be a good time for Glenn Greenwald to start detaching from Edward Snowden.
     On another note, when did journalists, including Ross, become educational credential fetishists? Every other report on Snowden condescendingly rips the NSA for hiring a high-school dropout, when it's obvious from interviews that Snowden has a first rate, inquisitive mind that is extremely well-read. Is the point more education = less subversion? Good luck with that implied premise.
     Maybe the college graduates in the journalism fraternity/sorority have already forgotten that Peter Jennings, who was actually classier, wittier and more erudite than even Walter Cronkite (no, we're not saying he was a better reporter) was a high school dropout too.
     Newspeople should know better than to get on a high horse about education, on which journalism is probably less dependent than any other "profession." Any slob with smarts and moxie can be a great reporter; no degree required.

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