Saturday, June 8, 2013

Steubenville rape case hacker threatened with identify theft charges by 12 armed FBI agents who jumped out of a truck painted with FedEx logos

Deric Lostutter, a 26-year-old Winchester, Kentucky man, who exposed social media bragging by football players who did nothing to stop the rape of a drunk minor in Steuben­ville, Ohio, is facing 10 years in prison on computer crimes charges.
     He said agents armed with assault rifles rolled up to his house in a truck in FedEx drag and pointed at least one loaded gun at his head while shouting obscenity-laden instructions at him.
     The perps in the sexual assault case, convicted rapists Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays were sentenced to only one year and two years, respectively.
     The F.B.I. told him Lostutter that he would get jail time if he didn't keep quiet about the raid.
     The warrant for the raid says the agency was seeking evidence related to the hacking of
     Lostutter told Mother Jones in an exclusive interview here that he played no role in the hacking the team's fan page; he points out that another hacker, Batcat, has publicly taken the credit.
     Still, Lostutter knew from a tipster that the FBI was watching him, he says, and stopped tweeting a few months ago. The FBI knocked on his door just two days after he finally went back online.
     "I'd do it again," Lostutter says.

     Lostutter believes that the FBI investigation was motivated by local officials in Steubenville.
     "They want to make an example of me, saying, 'You don't fucking come after us. Don't question us."

     ...Defending himself could end up costing a fortune—he's soliciting donations here. Still, he thinks getting involved was worth it. "I'd do it again," he says.

     Below is a music video for "Hear 'Em Talkin,' by Shadow, Lostutter's rapper alter-ego:

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