Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pepsi understands how its Mountain Dew video could be perceived by some as offensive, and apologizes to those who were offended

The operative word in Pepsi's boilerplate apology is "some," which we take to mean, oh, 95% of any sane group that looks at it.
      AKSARBENT is part of the 5% who didn't see it as racist; rather the gangsta goat gave a bunch of jerk cops an excuse to round up a lineup of "gansta" black people. We found their bored fatalism and implied contempt hysterically funny.
     All the same, the ad, mercifully, is off the air, and soon, thanks to Pepsi's legal team, will be off the Internet. Then we'll see if Mountain Dew's ad agency can still sell the product by staying within the same, roughly-hewn rules of propriety that other soft drink companies play by.

Below: the Hodge Twins weigh in on the imbroglio, and below that, the commercial, in its entirety, appears at the end of a trio of Mountain Dew Commericals.

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