Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just answer the question about whether you have a girlfriend the best you can, Stacey

Stacey Campfield, the "don't say gay" Tennessee statehouse representative, is being sued for $750,000 in a libel action brought for falsely accusing candidate Roger Byrge of having a criminal record. Byrge doesn't, although his son does. Byrge lost a state House race to Republican Chad Faulkner by fewer than 400 votes, 8,321 to 7,930.

"I hear the mug shots are gold," Campfield wrote in 2008 on his blog, accusing Byrge of drug charges.

     Campfield, said in a deposition attached to a court filing that he would be unlikely to pay any damages, noting that he earns about $30,000 a year.
     "Like I've got any money to give it even if you win," Campfield said.
     "Go right ahead," he said. "I mean, I can show you my tax returns. If you think you're going to get money out of me, it's laughable."
     (Campfield, who has been called a slumlord, owns as many as 16 properties.)

How Republican Stacey Campfield practices
personal responsibility and accountability:

     Campfield maintained in the deposition that he was just repeating information he had received from House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada of Franklin. Casada and the state Republican Party were also sued by Byrge but settled the case to undisclosed terms.
     "I did not say those things," Campfield said in the deposition. "Glen Casada said those things."
     Pressed by Byrge's attorney, David Dunaway, about whether he was sorry he had published the comments on his blog, Campfield said: "I'm sorry Glen Casada was mistaken in his report, yes."
     Casada said in court filings that he did not intend for Campfield to post the information on the blog before it was confirmed. But Campfield said he didn't feel a responsibility to verify what he had been told by Casada.
     "If you want to say Glen was reckless, I guess you could say that," Campfield said.

How Campfield answers questions about having a girlfriend:

Wonkette notes:

OK, we would like to pause here and note the weird construction. He has a girlfriend. Her name was Kristen Gee. Sure, right, but maybe it was a different girlfriend at the time? No. Splain us more, Nashville Scene!
Campfield goes on to say that Kristen lives in New York City and he’s still dating her. In fact, the day before the deposition, he said he gave her “a ride to the bus station.”
Well now we know how she got her tuberculosis anyway. She caught it from Ratso Rizzo on that long Greyhound bus ride home.

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