Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jean Stothert's new dual-edged lie: blaming Mayor Suttle for consequences of closing Rosenblatt Stadium

The construction of TD Ameritrade Park and the demolition of Rosenblatt Stadium happened on the watch of the Fahey Administration and mostly at the behest of the NCAA, but that didn't stop Jean Stothert from tweeting this:
The background of Stothert's bizarre fabrication is the predictable attenuation of business activity along South 13th Street in the wake of the relocation of the College World Series venue. The subject of Stothert's lie is Zestos, which a) has a new, very profitable location at the TD Ameritrade Park (seen near the end of this CWS video) and b) isn't closing its South 13th Street store in the first place:

     Zesto, the iconic ice cream stand at 13th and Bert Murphy streets and a favorite of CWS fans and zoo patrons, will not open this season.
     “Last winter, we had some major problems," owner Mike Kelley said.  "We had a faulty heater, which caused us a bunch of leaks--so now, we're having issues.”
     Kelley doesn’t think plumbing repairs will be completed in time for summer, but he plans on reopening the store next year and hoping for more foot traffic then.

     So, even though the city isn't losing a Zesto's location and even if it were, there would still be the new one, and even though the Suttle Administration had nothing to do with this and even though Stothert isn't talking about where she stood concerning the demolition of Rosenblatt stadium, she has no qualms about breaking new frontiers in shameless prevarication.
     Well at least she's efficient. Why misrepresent one thing in a single statement when you can lie about three or four things?

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