Friday, April 5, 2013

Despite threats by 16 GOP Iowa lawmakers, 8th LGBTQ teen antibullying Conference goes on; address by "world's first openly gay royal"

Despite threats by 16 Iowa GOP lawmakers to financially cut Des Moines Area Community College off at the knees, the anti-bullying conference for gay Iowa teens goes on.

Modern watercolor of Richard I by Mark Satchwill
World's first openly gay royal? Really, KSFY? What about the playful references by troubadours to Richard the Lionhearted, 1,000 years ago?
      AKSARBENT bets that to High School kids in rural Iowa who regularly get the crap kicked out of them on the school grounds, nothing on earth gives more comfort, assurance and succor than the heartfelt support of an Indian aristocrat from the other side of the planet who feels their pain.

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  1. Re: Openly gay royals: Don't forget Edward II of England, Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Louis XIV's brother.