Monday, March 4, 2013

Zach Wahls at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March 28th, 7:30 pm in Student Union

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Free for NU students with valid Ncard, Five bucks for faculty, staff, and the public. $250 for Jean Stothert, GOP candidate for Mayor of Omaha.
     Yeah, we did make up that phony last sentence solely as an excuse to link to our post about "Mean Jean" sneaking an antigay activist into her new TV ad without identifying him by name, much less by his agenda.
     Why? Because we want people to steal AKSARBENT's snarky video about Stothert's insulting, patronizing remarks to gay Omahans in the City Council chamber just minutes before she voted against Omaha's LGBT antibias law last spring
     We even published the embedding code for anyone who wants to let their own readers/viewers know exactly how much patronizing contempt Stothert has for gay people in Omaha.
     To see the video and swipe the code, go here.
     Once you see the video you'll realize that if there were ever a gay reason to vote against a candidate instead of for one, Jean Stothert is that reason.
     We seem to have forgotten the subject of this post — oh yeah, Zach Wahls.
     As a gayer-than-normal blog, we eagerly await the question-and-answer part of his presentation, having been very impressed with his Wahl's articulate and suave astuteness during his Ask Me Anything reddit session in fielding an important question about the biggest dinosaur he thinks he could defeat in a Dinosaur Death Match using primitive weapons and not being allowed to set traps.

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