Monday, March 25, 2013

Shane Vander Hart gets no love from Des Moines Register readers for column about alleged victimhood of Robert Cramer, Iowa Family Leader honcho

Shane Vander Hart's recent column for an online Des Moines Register Town hall, extolling the supposed victimhood of Robert Cramer, Board Chairman of viciously dishonest Iowa hate group, The Family Leader, turned out to be a troll piece, as adjudicated by the responses so far.
     Cramer was nominated by GOP gov. Terry Branstad for Iowa Board of Regents.
     Vander Hart's piece, Vander Hart: Must regents favor gays?, built a sob sister crucifix and nailed Cramer to it.
Cramer’s crime? He’s the chairman of the board for the Family Leader, an organization that is well known for its stand against gay marriage and has addressed concerns about the advancement of an LGBT agenda.
     NOT A SINGLE COMMENTER, as of this writing, wrote in support of Vander Hart's stance. Some samples:
     R Whitten: ...Believing the universe is 6000 years old isn't just outside the norm. It defies scientific evidence by a factor of 2 million times. If someone doesn't even believe in science, why would we appoint them to oversee institutions that are the heart and soul of science?
     J. Clothier: Senators Quirmbach and McCoy might have put questions rather than made statements at said hearing. Having not seen a transcript, who's to say they did not? This article's selected quotes are certainly not definitive.
     Those questions might have included, "Mr. Cramer, in what ways do you believe your public stance against Iowans and others who happen to be homosexual is congruent with serving the needs of a diverse, international and cosmopolitan student body?"...
     D. Auld: How can someone as closed minded as Crame actually be good for the board of Regents? He cannot and shouldn't be considered.
     P. Patton: ...Why would Iowa consider a Regent who does not view all students equally and fairly? Would we appoint a racist or an anti-Semite? Cramer's free to hold his own beliefs, but he is not a good fit for the Board of Regents.
     J. Finamore: Thank goodness there are clear-headed, logical minds like Vander Hart's and Cramer's at work on the LGBT "problem." I myself am at work on the "right-wing backlash" problem.
     Below are a couple examples of the fine organization for which Vander Hart's GOP heart so bleeds, in action.

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