Monday, March 25, 2013

Rewind, 2006: Dan Savage talks about reluctantly granting his four-year-old son's wish for a poodle

This is Dan Savage at his most inspired, which is Bill Cosby-level hilarity, except that Bill Cosby doesn't swear on stage.

Cross enough to bear having fag parents. You don't want a poodle too... Eventually he'd be angry at us for letting him, on impulse get a poodle. And I'm looking at my boyfriend and going: "We gotta get him like a Doberman Pincher or something if we're going to get him a dog at all. A poodle, we might as well send him to school with a pinafore and Mary Janes and a sign that says "Kick me" on his back. "These are my gay dads and... my poodle." And so we get a goddamn poodle.

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