Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Revolting National Organization for Marriage operative, Jennifer Roback Morse, claims her Tyler Clementi slur was mischaracterized

Jennifer Roback Morse, head of the National
Organization for Marriage's Ruth Institute
Jennifer Roback Morse, head of the Ruth Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Organization for Marriage, recently exploited the suicide of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers by tying the episode of someone streaming him in his dorm room to her pronouncement: "I believe that engaging in uncommitted sex hurts people of both genders and all sexual orientations."
     She offered no evidence that Clementi engaged in sexual activity at all. (The video showed none.)
     Zack Ford at ThinkProgress reports:
The Clementi family responded by demanding an apology from Morse for exploiting Tyler’s name “to advance an anti-equality agenda.”
     Now, Morse has released a statement in which she not only refuses to apologize, but doubles down on the very duplicitous claims that got her in trouble in the first place:

MORSE: The media and activists groups are mischaracterizing my remarks, in which I urged students to befriend gay students, and also urged them all to adhere to the traditional standards of sexual morality. I believe that engaging in uncommitted sex hurts people of both genders and all sexual orientations. I would be happy to meet with Tyler Clementi’s mom and dad to try to move forward and go beyond the highly charged rhetoric that doesn’t help anyone. I don’t think the Clementis know me or what I believe or think or said. Reaching out across lines of moral difference in a spirit of love is my mission. In the meantime, I would invite anyone to come to the Ruth Institute website and listen to the entire podcast for themselves.
Dr. Laura Berk
     Morse's most recent stunt was to testify against a marriage equality bill (SB10) before an Illinois House of Representatives committee by quoting from a widely-discredited University of Texas study on gay parenting.
     She did so minutes after Dr. Laura Berk of Illinois State University explained that the notorious Regnerus study was methodo­logically flawed and arrived at invalid conclusions.
An editor of the very journal that published the Regnerus study, Darren E. Sherkat, who was assigned to audit the study after the uproar it caused, called it "bullshit."

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