Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KOLN-KGIN TV's interesting "moderation" of pro-gay comments

On Saturday, KOLN-KGIN TV published on its website the story Lawmakers Consider Protections for Gay Nebraskans.
    Today, just two comments, both anti-gay, remain in response to the story. A third comment, questioning the legitimacy of tax exemptions for religious institutions (presumably the ones which lobby against LGBT antibias laws) has mysteriously disappeared.
     This came to our attention due to a complaint by a reader who submitted responses to both comments below; to the Texas Marine, she questioned using the Corps and "Semper Fi" to attack gay people and pointed out some of the morally dubious activities that the US Marine Corps has engaged in over the years.
     That comment was evidently censored by KOLN-KGIN's moderator.
     Another comment, submitted by the same writer, sarcastically wondered, in response to "northeast65," why Christian bigots should get special treatment as a protected class entitling them, under current laws, to sue, say, a gay wedding planner who refused to accommodate them.
     That comment was also censored by KOLN-KGIN TV, although the station appears to have no qualms about publishing antigay comments accusing gay people, as a class, of being "corrupt," which, in some countries, would be considered hate speech.

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