Sunday, March 31, 2013

Indian tiger doesn't fall for zoo keeper trick; makes friends with goat thrown into pen; now he can't be released into wild and zoo has to keep feeding him

Brian McKay
From the Times of India:
     For two days, the tiger did not kill the goat despite being hungry. Instead it played with it; at one point even playfully dumping it in an artificial waterhole. Finally, the goat was shifted out and the tiger was given beef to eat...
     "I fear the male tiger is not fit for release," says veteran conservationist MS Chouhan. "When the females were rescued they had killed a dog and it seems they still had some hunting skills, but in the case of the male they are evidently missing."
     This just proves the point that the National Organization for Marriage keeps making: offspring need a mommy and a daddy. Tiger cubs learn to hunt from their mothers. Being deprived of female role models like like Maggie Gallagher or Sara Palin means the tiger will never have the killer instinct. Sad, ain't it?

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