Saturday, February 23, 2013

#LGBTmedia13: gay media confab in Philadelphia

Photo: Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.
Conventioneers, see smile tips video below.
Sponsored by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists association, the Haas convening is now underway in Philadelphia, where about 70 LGBT journalists and bloggers are being educated about LGBT issues relating to elder abuse, asylum rights, aging, labor issues, trans issues, etc. You can follow the tweets by using twitter hashtag #LGBTmedia13.
     Several attendees commented on the dearth of people of color in attendance.
     Local angle: One time-filler during breaks (or occasional monotony, we suppose) appears to be the YouTube video of shirtless Husker gymnasts in their stupid* Harlem Shake video, which has added over 100,000 views in the last 24 hours.
     AKSARBENT immediately recognized this video as the significant cultural milestone that it is and blogged it for the edification of our readers after reading about it in the New York City blog, Towleroad, aka, the gay C.I.A.

*The real Harlem Shake:

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