Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNBC probably lied about policy banning guests from appearing on competing networks amid breaking news

Politico exposed CNBC's policy and NPR has apparently busted CNBC's denial:
     Andrew Morse, president of Bloomberg Television's U.S. operations said that, unlike CNBC, Bloomberg doesn't try to dictate who can appear elsewhere
     Politico was first to report the policy last week. CNBC's top spokesman initially denied to Politico that any such explicit policy existed. But a guest interviewed on CNBC earlier this month shared with NPR a copy of an email from a CNBC producer.
     It carried this warning in red:
     "CNBC POLICY REMINDER: Per CNBC policy, we cannot use guests who have a same-day appearance on Fox Business or Bloomberg...By accepting a booking with CNBC, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this policy."

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