Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big Red coach of Steubenville, Ohio HS football team, Reno Saccoccia, may lose his job Monday

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After an Ohio Blogger and the New York Times (in an article which occupied eight pages on its web site) waded waist-deep into coverage of the so-called "Rape Crew" of the Steubenville High School Football Team, coached by Reno A. Saccoccia (the team, not the rape crew), Anonymous got into the act, publishing purloined emails and its own account of the exploding scandal.
     Two Steubenville athletes have been charged in the rape of a young woman who may have been drugged. Two more athletes or friends, uncharged, are rumored to have also raped her.
     The blogger, Alexandria Goddard, was sued for $25,000 by the parents of party cellphone photographer Cody "I have no sympathy for whores" Saltsman for defaming the reputation of their darling boy. Cody's parents also demanded to know the identities of blog commenters critical of their son. After the ACLU sprang into action, the Saltsmans backed off and their kid apologized for his behavior.

Steubenville High School football coach Reno Saccoccia, who evidently
is too stupid to refrain from threatening a reporter from the most
influential newspaper on the face of the earth.
     Saccoccia, who may lose his coaching job next week, appears to have the same sense of entitlement of which his players are accused. Here is how the New York Times chronicled its encounter with the Big Red Coach:
     Saccoccia, pronounced SOCK-otch, told the principal and school superintendent that the players who posted online photographs and comments about the girl the night of the parties said they did not think they had done anything wrong. Because of that, he said, he had no basis for benching those players...
     Approached in November to be interviewed about the case, Saccoccia said he did not “do the Internet,” so he had not seen the comments and photographs posted online from that night. When asked again about the players involved and why he chose not to discipline them, he became agitated.
      “You made me mad now,” he said, throwing in several expletives as he walked from the high school to his car.
      Nearly nose to nose with a reporter, he growled: “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”
     Jennifer Brumby, a special prosecutor assigned to the case, just left the State Attorney General's office — and the state. An adult team booster, Jim Parks, who runs a RollRedRoll fan web site discovered it had been hacked by Anonymous, which then commandeered his email account and published the contents. The group accused him of being the recipient of photographic evidence of the football team's sexual exploits — after it claimed to have discovered several "pornographic" images of "extremely young" women in his email account.
     Parks, on his site, accused the New York Times of "recklessly decided to aid and abet these acts of illegality [hacking his site] and give the terrorists exactly what they wanted by disseminating inaccurate and legally actionable information and accusations [presumably by reporting the story, including what Anonymous did].
     Below is a radio interview with the Anonymous cell which has digitally "occupied" Steubenville: 


  1. I hope that All coaches, school board members, principals, police department, sherrifs office and parents that let themselves and their children be involve in the 25+ years of Big Red Mafia get what they deserve! Hopefully this opens up the State's eyes in the scandle that has been apart of Steubenville Ohio since the 1980's.

    1. Sadly, long before the 80s. I remember my grandparents thinking it ironic that this town celebrated Dean Martin. Although I've done internet searches and no info, back in the day they must have heard he ....shall we put it nicely....spoke ill of his hometown.

  2. In Steubenville, corruption from the school system on up is the expected status quo.
    The Federal Justice Department ran the city police department, the sheriff was indicted on corruption, and his brothers plead guilty in federal court to federal racketeering charges. The chairman of the county Democratic Party is also a brother of the sheriff !