Monday, December 31, 2012

Netflix spent $400,000 lobbying House, Senate to let them tell Facebook what you watch

(And ThinkProgress says Facebook spent $1.6 million on this.) The new bill has already been adopted by the House, and is now on its way to President Obama’s desk. Adam Serwer at Mother Jones has the latest:
Netflix's Reed Hastings
soon can disclose
your viewing habits
(Photo: Wikipedia)
Netflix: 1-866-579-7172

Last Tuesday, the Senate quietly altered a key privacy law, making it much easier for video streaming services like Netflix to share your viewing habits. How quietly? The Senate didn’t even hold a recorded vote: The bill was approved by unanimous consent. (Joe Mullin of Ars Technica was among the first to note the vote.) [...] Video streaming companies that want to share your data now only need to ask for your permission once. After that, they can broadcast your video-watching habits far and wide for up to two years before having to ask again.

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