Friday, November 16, 2012

Shirtless FBI agent shows up during Letterman monologue

Letterman: Part of this Gen. Patraeus deal is, a guy investigating it for the FBI is an agent who investigates without his shirt. He likes to take pictures of himself without his shirt and shoot them around to various people and somehow he became involved in the Patraeus and the other generals and the CIA thing... and I thought: "Wait a minute, this rings a bell, oh yes, at the FBI, J Edgar Hoover used to do the same thing, except it was usually in a backless evening gown...
[Man wearing sun glasses, no shirt and suit pants runs up from behind]
Letterman: Oh, geez! Holy god!
Fake FBI Agent: If it wasn't my day off...
Letterman: Uh, huh.
Fake FBI Agent: ...I'd arrest you.
Letterman: Sure you would. Now get out of here. There he goes. He smelled nice.

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