Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NJ Gov. Chris Christie smart enough to parry Twinkie question but too stupid to have NJ Transit trains moved to higher ground before Sandy hit

Kawasaki rail car facility in Lincoln, NE. As of 2011, all PATH cars were made by the
company in either Lincoln or Yonkers, New York. NJ Transit uses cars from Bombardier
Transportation, the Berlin, Germany division of Bombardier of Toronto, Canada
Video frame: Anthony Roberts, Lincoln Journal-Star

Reuters reports:
The Garden State's commuter railway parked critical equipment - including much of its newest and most expensive stock - at its low-lying main rail yard in Kearny just before the hurricane. It did so even though forecasters had released maps showing the wetland-surrounded area likely would be under water when Sandy's expected record storm surge hit. Other equipment was parked at its Hoboken terminal and rail yard, where flooding also was predicted and which has flooded before.
     Among the damaged equipment: nine dual-powered locomotive engines and 84 multi-level rail cars purchased over the past six years at a cost of about $385 million.
     "If there's a predicted 13-foot or 10-foot storm surge, you don't leave your equipment in a low-lying area," said David Schanoes, a railroad consultant and former deputy chief of field operations for Metro North Railroad, a sister railway serving New York State. "It's just basic railroading. You don't leave your equipment where it can be damaged."

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