Saturday, October 27, 2012

Senior VP of biggest vote counter in US arrested; big chunk of ES&S owned by paper backing Romney

Why in the World-Herald would a
newspaper which endorses political
candidates own a large interest in a
vote-counting company?
Unseemly, much?
The company is ES&S, which tabulates votes for about 4,000 election authorities in 41 states with more than 300,000 units deployed and counting about 60% of US votes.
     In 2004, Ronnie Dugger, writing in The Nation, said the Omaha World-Herald, now backing Republicans Mitt Romney (President) and Deb Fischer (Senate) owned "about half" of ES&S.
     AKSARBENT could find no current statements about W-H ownership more specific than "minority," which could mean, of course, as much as 49.99%.
Mugshot of ES&S Senior Vice President
of Marketing and Public Relations, John  Groh
     On Wednesday, ES&S announced that a senior vice president, John Groh, had taken "a leave of absence." Perhaps this is related to the fact that Groh's wife recently turned over to authorities a video camera Groh was accused of hiding in a bathroom that recorded an 11-year-old girl preparing to shower. Groh was arrested September 28th in Florida.
  • In New York, in 2010, WNYC reported that tests on an ES&S electronic voting machine that recorded shockingly high numbers of extra votes in the 2010 election show that overheating may have caused upwards of 30 percent of the votes in a South Bronx voting precinct to go uncounted.
  • In Anchorage, Alaska's miserably botched (or rigged) 2012 election, ES&S machines were found to have broken seals.
     Recently the top vote-counting muckraker in the U.S., Brad Friedman, has been at odds with ThinkProgress (a site unwaveringly scrupulous in crediting AKSARBENT for tips), over the issue of Tagg Romney, via a company called H.I.G. Capital (believed to stand for Hart Intercivic Group) taking over control of Hart Intercivic, the nation's third largest voting machine company, in 2011.
     Internet talk show host David Pakman (<pettiness> who didn't bother to credit AKSARBENT for a viral video he used that we uploaded </pettiness>) seems to be siding with Friedman; MSNBC analyst Chuck Todd, in a tweet, seems to be siding with ThinkProgress.

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