Friday, October 19, 2012

Even GOP-biased Omaha World-Herald is fed up with Rep. Lee Terry's fact abuse; yesterday it endorsed his opponent, John Ewing

The Omaha World-Herald, whose tolerance of fast-and-loose-with-the-facts GOP ideology is high enough that it endorsed serial liar and flip-flopper Mitt Romney, has drawn the line at Rep. Lee Terrys latest excursion into political advertisement fiction.
...this newspaper has supported Terry in each of those elections. But the Republican congressman has demonstrated relatively little legislative leadership during his time in the House, a period that included 10 years of GOP majorities....After 14 years, it's time for a change.
     [John] Ewing has served as an exemplary Douglas County treasurer, cleaning up a dysfunctional office with customer service problems and which saw an embezzlement under his predecessor...

     Ewing also deserves credit for stepping forward and chairing the United Way of the Midlands committee... after the 2007 Von Maur shootings. He used remarkable diplomacy and grace in overseeing the handling of well over $1 million. Unlike the experiences in many other locales, the Von Maur fund operated without lawsuits by potential recipients or problems with Internal Revenue Service requirements...
     It is troubling that the Terry campaign, with substantial leads in both opinion polls and fundraising, would have resorted to misleading television commercials that required the candidate to backtrack during Monday night's debate...'s unseemly behavior [Terry's misrepresentations] for a veteran congressman...
     We suggest that District 2 voters cast their ballot for John Ewing on Nov. 6.

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