Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celina OH Ass't Principal Phil Metz tells 2 gay students and 20 supporters to remove "political" T-shirts, but he allowed antichoice and antiObama shirts

Zack Ford at ThinkProgress reports the Reddit eruption about two students at Celina High School in Ohio who celebrated “Twin Day” with T-shirts that read “Lesbian 1″ and “Lesbian 2.” Although they were forced to remove them, 20 more students went to school Tuesday wearing home-made T-shirts in sympathy, organized by sophomore Jimmy Walter.
Metz, top, and Luebke,
who didn't get the
memo about state
schools not allowed
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     Assistant Principal Phil Metz forced all the students to remove the shirts because they were “political,” and those who did not were given detention with the threat of suspension.
Erick Warrner, a Celina junior who brought attention to this situation on Reddit, points out that plenty of “political” dress is regularly tolerated at the school, including “Students for Life” anti-choice T-shirts with pictures of fetuses, as well as blatantly political shirts supporting Mitt Romney for President or calling President Obama a socialist. In fact, just this week the school hosted a Romney campaign event at which Paul Ryan spoke.
Metz and Principal Jason Luebke haven't responded, but evidently they didn't get the 1969  Tinker v. Des Moines memo from the Supreme Court forbidding state-operated schools from being "enclaves of totalitarianism.”

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