Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vander Plaats' Trash-Justice-Wiggins Iowa bus tour outnumbered in Cedar Rapids 150-30 by detractors who jeered so loudly he was hardly heard

Reporters Trish Mehaffey and Dave Franzman said hecklers sympathizing with the pro-Wiggins Iowa Bar Association bus on the other side of Cedar Rapids' Greene Square Park were so boisterous that "It was difficult at times to hear Vander Plaats and others of the anti-retention group" because of boos and yells directed at the Iowa Family Leader's "NoWiggins" bus. Sample sentiments: "Vote Yes," "Who's paying for the bus?" and "It's about equal protection, Bob, read the constitution."
     On Thursday, the two buses roll into Council Bluffs, the second most important stop on the tour. Although "CB," population 62,000, is only Iowa's seventh-biggest city, it is part of a metropolitan area which also includes the Nebraska cities of Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Ralston, and Millard — the largest population center in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota, with TV, radio and print media that have tremendous reach into Western Iowa. 

Below: Iowa Family Leader tries to persuade voters to dump Justice Wiggins via a Big Lie YouTube smear.

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