Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nigerian now collecting funds for reversal of Omaha LGBT anti-bias law

Two weeks ago, a petition request with the City of Omaha to put the city's anti-bias law to a popular vote was filed by a group calling itself the Omaha Liberty Project. The organization includes a board member of the Nebraska Family Council, William Femi Awodele; its leader is a local Tea Party activist, Patrick Bonnett, owner of Encore Financial Services, Inc. of Omaha.
     The domain names " all take internet users directly to the page below, which solicits donations and identifies the sponsoring organization as "Christian Couples Fellowship International," run by William Femi Awodele, a Nigerian immigrant.
     Not a single page of Christian Couples Fellowship International website currently functions properly except the one in which marriage-improvement DVDs for troubled heterosexuals (which cost up to $70) may be ordered.
     Mr. Awodele evidently likes to get right to the point without burdening users of his websites with unnecessary distractions.

Below: the only page you see when you surf to or .net or .org:

Above: Awodele, who isn't a lawyer, failed last Spring to persuade the City Council not to adopt Omaha's LGBT anti-bias ordinance after arguing that gay people don't fit the legal definition of a minority — despite the fact that they have employment protection in about 170 US cities — and that a study by the University of Nebraska Medical Center indicates they have too much money to be considered a legitimate minority, anyway. He had more to say but was cut off because his time management skills were insufficient to comply with the council's five-minute rule.

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