Friday, August 24, 2012

UK tabloid not cowed by royal threats of legal action; publishes nude Vegas photos of prince; 'Harry has compromised his own privacy'

Despite threats by Prince Charles' royal aides of legal action against British newspapers publishing nude photos of Prince Harry that have already circulated around the word, Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid, The Sun, has now done so anyway. Says The Sun:
...The Royal Family’s lawyers claim there is no public interest in The Sun running the photos. This is a favourite mantra of those who wish to muzzle the world’s most vibrant newspapers, here in Britain — stuffily declaring that a story has “no public interest”, as though it were an unassailable fact.
      But there is a clear public interest in publishing the Harry pictures, in order for the debate around them to be fully informed. The photos have potential implications for the Prince’s image representing Britain around the world.
      There are questions over his security during the Las Vegas holiday. Questions as to whether his position in the Army might be affected.
      Further, we believe Harry has compromised his own privacy.
      These are not pictures of him and a girlfriend at Balmoral. The Prince was in Vegas, the party capital of a country with strong freedom-of-speech laws, frolicking in the pool before inviting strangers to his hotel room for a game of strip billiards.
     Compare that with Prince William and Kate, whose desire for quiet privacy on their honeymoon was respected by the British Press in the kind of arrangement we have readily agreed to with the Royal Family in the past and will doubtless agree to again...

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