Tuesday, August 28, 2012

South Carolina GOP AG Alan Wilson targets student voters for disenfranchisement: student IDs not proof of residency but military IDs are

During a break in a federal trial over whether a law he supports violates the Voting Rights Act, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson...
...defended its provision that allows voters to use things like military identification and passports to cast a ballot but bans them from using student IDs. Wilson said the reason was that students were largely “transient” and a school identification card “doesn’t prove you’re a resident.” He said voters using passports and military IDs, even those with out-of-state addresses, were known to be residents of the state because they were registered to vote in the state.
     When TPM pointed out that college students who had out-of-state licenses were in the same situation, another attorney on South Carolina’s team jumped in to contradict Wilson, insisting the state law was about proving identity rather than residency.
     After that line of questioning, Wilson said he wouldn’t be speaking with reporters about the case until closing arguments on Friday.

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