Friday, August 24, 2012

Short Takes: Rembrandt lost in the mail; another crude oil pipeline planned through Ogallala Aquifer; Randy Travis arrested again; Michael Jordon's son pleads guilty in Omaha; Israel 'determined to attack Iran before US election'

Plans for another crude oil pipeline to cross Nebraska's Ogallala Aquifer

GOP Platform unwaveringly antigay

Michael Jordan's son pleads guilty to disturbing the peace

Giving in to the Surveillance State

Norway Post Office loses a Rembrandt

Randy Travis has another run-in with the cops. This time he was sober and had his pants on, but was still cited for simple assault

Gawker's Bain Capital document dump: Discovery of "blocker" entities, used to help IRAs avoid taxes, may help explain how Romney has been able to amass between $20.7 million and $101.6 million in a tax-free IRA, many times more than the typical amount an IRA can hold. Here's how IRAs with "blockers" work

Why the Family Research Council is a hate group

NPR: A well-informed military correspondent in Jerusalem reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is "determined" to attack Iran before the U.S. election

For a million bucks, you can be the proud owner of the Florida house where 30s gangster Ma Barker was killed, in one of the biggest shootins in FBI history. Personally, AKSARBENT would rather live in the apartment house in Montevideo where the two gangster boyfriends depicted in Plata Quemada died rather dramatically.

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