Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paul Ryan voted to force women to have rape/incest babies and to have unnecessary medical procedures

No wonder the Romney campaign was so quick to condemn Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin for his asinine and false comments about women's bodies being able to reject impregnation in instances of "legitimate" rape.
     Obviously Romney/Ryan hope their attempt to distance themselves will distract voters from the fact that Paul Ryan repeatedly voted WITH Todd Akin in the US House to force women to have babies which were the result of rape or incest.


Rachel Maddow:
Republicans, upon taking control of the House, in their third bill sought to redefine rape because the old definition of rape apparently included too many things that women wanted to be protected from and we all know they were the kinds of rape that are really no big deal! (Sarcasm.)
     Paul Ryan the Republican vice-presidential nominee, was an original cosponsor of the bill to redefine rape, to make it harder on rape victims who wanted to get an abortion. The bill eventually dropped the redefining rape language but Paul Ryan was a sponsor of the bill while the original language was still in there.
     He was also a sponsor of the federal version of the "personhood" thing that had failed in Colorado twice and in Mississippi because even in Mississippi "personhood" language that would ban all abortions with no exceptions at all including for rape or incest and would also likely ban hormonal birth control and some fertility treatments — that was too extreme for Mississippi but Paul Ryan sponsored it for the whole country.
     Paul Ryan also sponsored a federal version of Bob McDonald's forced ultrasound bill from Virginia in which the government forces women to have a medically unnecessary procedure against their will and potentially against doctor's orders... Paul Ryan's bill had no exemptions for rape or incest. The Republican party's national platform has supported criminalizing abortion since 1976 with no exceptions for rape or incest.

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