Friday, August 24, 2012

National Organization for Marriage's antigay Maryland robocall mouthpiece crashes boat into vessel full of kids while legally drunk

Yesterday, Capt. Jerry Kirkwood of the Maryland National Resources Police said his agency was investigating the incident and as of last night, had not yet tested a blood sample taken from Maryland delegate Dwyer, (R-Anne Arundel) the night of the crash, Wednesday.
Just because someone has been drinking doesn't necessarily mean they were the cause of the accident," Kirkwood said, adding that the agency does not currently have plans to charge Dwyer with operating the boat under the influence because "we don't have any evidence that said he has violated any laws.

     Nine people were injured, four adults and five are children; seven were taken to hospitals including the most seriously injured, a 5-year-old child who was medevaced to Johns Hopkins Pediatric.

     The sole passenger in Dwyer's boat was a male companion, John Edward Moran IV.
     From JoeMyGod:

You may recall that last year Dwyer sat next to Maggie Gallagher during Maryland's marriage equality hearings, telling the committee that any state delegate that testified in favor of the bill should be "arrested for perjury" because saying that gay people deserve equality "is a lie and they know it." During the hearings Dwyer presented documents from the SPLC-certified hate group, MassResistance, claiming that gay activists want to introduce sadomasochism to grade school children. Dwyer also recorded an anti-gay robocall for NOM. 
In Iowa, the National Organization for Marriage is currently contributing $100,000 to evict Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins from the states highest court in an upcoming judicial retention vote because Wiggins concurred with every other Iowa Supreme Court Justice that refusing to allow gay couples to marry in the state violated the constitution.

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