Thursday, August 23, 2012

Implosion: Last section of beloved Rosenblatt Stadium, College World Series home from 1950-2010, comes tumbling down

College baseball's field of dreams has been parted out. Many of the multi-colored seats have been sold to fans. The canopies in the parking lot are now in a park. The scoreboard has gone to a high school stadium. The arched "Rosenblatt Stadium" sign formerly atop that scoreboard will be part of a commemorative attraction, "Johnny Rosenblatt's Infield at the Zoo" which will resemble a miniature baseball field to be sited on what was once the infield. The rest of the site will be parking for the Henry Doorly Zoo. Below: the press box is lowered to the ground via an implosion so it can more easily be cut into scrap steel.

Below, Kevin Costner's preservation attempt, which fell on deaf NCAA ears. Rosenblatt was a neighborhod ballpark, not an island in a sea of downtown Omaha concrete, as is TD Ameritrade Park, Rosenblatt's glitzy, soulless and flood prone replacement. (The Blatt was on high ground.)

The new venue:

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