Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aftermath of alleged Charlie Rogers hate crime hoax

Ken at Progressive Oasis was quiet during the investigation of the Charlie Rogers imbroglio, but has had some interesting things to say recently on his blog.
There were other things going on that raised red flags for me. The establishment of a separate fund that was presumably to be for Charlie’s medical bills.  Two board members of Forward Equality, including myself, very early on, were ordered to not speak out and to not ask local officials to speak out on the issue.  That didn’t stop Jim Suttle or Ben Gray from speaking at the Omaha vigil.  Forward Equality was never part of the circle receiving information from the LPD anyway.  If the Lincoln groups knew something and wanted to keep Forward Equality away from it, why did they not do the same with the groups holding the fundraisers, why not tell them to stop? ...
     Also, about a couple of weeks ago, I was told that a friend of Charlie’s, maybe even the neighbor, was ordered by Charlie’s counsel not to speak to any media about the situation or they would be sued. Even though she already spoke about the initial events in the case to members of the local media...

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