Friday, April 27, 2012

Nebraska environmentalists not happy with proposed new TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline route

They're encouraging landowners not to talk to TransCanada, not to sign anything, and not to allow either the company or its purported land agents on private property:
If you are a landowner and are approached by TransCanada agents or their contractors, and if you are unsure of your property rights, do not sign any documents produced by TransCanada.
     You have no legal obligation to allow anyone from TransCanada access to your property.
     They have no permits or approved routes in place and do not have the right to access your property without your permission.
     If you say "No," they must leave you and your property alone. Other Tips:
1. Do not even take phone calls from TransCanada or any "land agent" or return them. Silence is the best option at this point. Keep all written correspondence TC sends and keep it organized in chronological order.
2. Do not be seduced into any oral conversation. Force TransCanada and any "land agent" to put any and all requests in writing. Record all oral exchanges with TransCanada representatives and contractors.
3. Ignoring them is the best option. They have no right to come on to your land. If they do, call the local authorities and file trespassing charges against them.
     If you have any questions or would like to report actions by TransCanada agents or their contractors, please contact us. We can also connect you to other landowners who have experienced TransCanada.
Bold Nebraska landowner handbill

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