Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cynical new Family Research Council media hustle: fictional business partners Mike, Ike are gay-married

Tony Perkins, a spokesman of SPLC-designated Colorado hate organization, the Family Research Council, (which is now pushing a 'license to discriminate' law in that state) recently said this to his radio listeners:
“And I don’t know what’s more disturbing–that advertisers think divorce appeals to kids or that sexualizing candy will make people buy more."
Perkins is trying to sell the idea that Mike and Ike are gay-married and divorcing, despite the fact that neither advertising persona actually exists and that the ad campaign touting their alleged "split" doesn't make any reference to a romantic relationship.
     It would appear that Tony Perkins is now venturing into the kind of cynical media hustle pioneered by Jerry Falwell when he claimed that one of the Telly Tubbies was gay.
     From the New York Times:
Unlike the ice cream entrepreneurs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Mike and Ike do not exist. Even the candy’s parent company, Just Born, cannot pinpoint the origin of the name for the brand, which was introduced 72 years ago; the company speculates that the name came from a vaudeville act, a song popular in the 1930s or an internal naming contest.
     Last week ex-Marine Perkins blamed the ongoing Secret Service scandal regarding the hiring of opposite sex prostitutes on “open homosexuality in the military.”

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