Friday, March 30, 2012

Why AKSARBENT loves Pittsburgh: CEO of Highmark, biggest PA health insurer, will use some of his benefits after porch fistfight with husband of mistress

Cropped version of photo by Flickr User brdonovan of
Highmark Bldg. in Pittsburgh wearing a Batman
graphic last July 28th to welcome film crews in town
to film latest installment of the movie franchise.
The square marks the location of the laser projector.
Oakmont Officer David Brankley quoted Dr. Melani saying "It's all about my money," in a criminal complaint... [Brankley also said] Dr. Melani agreed to have paramedics respond, because, he told the officer, "it would be a good idea if he was going to sue."
     Mr. Myler, 49, who had cuts on his face and legs, was not charged.
     ...After the scuffle, police said, an officer overheard Dr. Melani making phone calls to attorneys in which he said "something to the effect that if police hadn't been there he would have killed the Mylers."
     ...Mrs. Myler discovered after living with Dr. Melani for two months that he had hired a private detective to investigate her... Officer Brankley wrote, "He asked me in an emotional voice if I had ever had a relationship that was everything to me, and I declined to discuss that with him."
     ...In her husband's presence, Dr. Melani called Mrs. Myler a "slut" and accused her of "a conspiracy."
Mrs. Myler is a graduate of Slippery Rock University.

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