Friday, March 30, 2012

Michelle Malkin website admits publishing phony pic of Trayvon Martin; Fox News Queen of Mean busted by tweet sent by Eric Boehlert of Media Matters


  1. Great job Eric!!!!! Expose this deranged Fil muckraker everytime!!!....

  2. Because we all know the real Trayvon Martin would never have his picture taken while shooting the bird, amirite?

    What's so stupid about this is that it doesn't matter if it is the right Trayvon Martin in the picture. The WHOLE POINT of the picture was to counter the ridiculous media representations of Zimmerman as criminal and Trayvon as the Gerber baby by representing the flip side of the coin in the most dramatic way possible, and by using a picture of a different Trayvon, then that just makes the point even better.

    Read the test on the picture. It stomps a hole in your face with gigantic print "MEDIA BIAS", and if you weren't smart enough to figure it out from there, the author gave a helpful spelling it out for you. Read the text on the image.

    And Shulz showing this on his show only shows he wasn't smart enough to read the text.